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FInally You have the Chance to Get directly to Your Home a Selection of Cocktails Mixed for You by Lime in cooperation with NIO Company.They are Ready to Drink!

You are the Barman,Everywhere

Shake the Pack, Tear the Corner Pour inside a Glass full of Ice and Enjoy Your Drink!


Capture the essence of Peru with this Pisco-based cocktail. Pisco is a south American brandy obtained from the distillation of white and rosé wines, both aromatic and unscented. It is also the national drink in Peru and Chile where it is enjoyed at all times of the day and night. Our version is a variation of this beloved classic cocktail in which we add passion fruit.


Pisco Capel, Passion Fruit Liquor Giffard, Acido Citrico Bio, Angostura de Trinidad, Acqua


Immerse yourself in a tropical atmosphere while sipping a Waikiki Beach. This drink belongs to the TIKI cocktails category, which are based on Carribean rum and tropical fruit. They are an expression of Polynesian, Hawaiian and Caribbean culture. TIKI cocktails are usually served in coloured ceramic cups and decorated with tribal or Caribbean figures.


Rum Havana 3, Pimento Fee Brothers, Golden Falernum The Bitter Truth, Passion Fruit Liquor Giffard, Granatina Monin, Acido Citrico Bio, Acqua


The Margarita is almost always defined as the quintessential Mexican drink. While its true story and origins are unknown, it continues to remain a favourite across the globe. Our spicy version made with Ancho Reyes Liquor gives this beloved classic an extra kick, while at the same time enhancing all the various flavours to bring you a unique tasting experience.


Tequila Jose Cuervo , Ancho Reyes Liquor, Triple Sec Bols, Sciroppo di Agave Monin, Acido Citrico Bio, Acqua


The drink was born to celebrate Japanese flavours by adding to a classic gin sour both matcha green tea, used in the traditional tea ceremony and Yuzu, a typical oriental citrus with a strong scent similar to lemon and grapefruit, but more delicate. Its juicy, vibrant and floral notes blend perfectly with the matcha, bringing you a truly East Asian experience.


Gin Gordon’s, choya Yuzu Liquor, Matcha Green Tea syrup, Acido Citrico Bio, Acqua

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